Senior Party

The Senior All Night Graduation Party is a lock-in celebration that is held the night of the graduation ceremony for all graduating seniors. For over 30 years, the Hudson community, the Hudson schools and parents have teamed together to help our graduates celebrate their big night in a safe, chemical free environment. The party includes games, prizes, music, food and many other fun activities. The event has been highly successful, with about 90% of the graduating class in attendance in a typical year.

Don’t Forget

  • Activities the night of the party will include things like: laser tag, computer pictures, bingo, silent and mystery auctions, casino games, carnival games, arcade, food and beverages, guessing games, fun jumps, grand prizes, and instant winners.
  • Only HHS seniors who have purchased a ticket and are on the reservation list will be admitted to the party.
  • Dress casual. Wear your “HHS All Night Graduation Party” T-shirt, which you’ll receive with your cap and gown. This is your ticket to enter the party, and is required.
  • There are hundreds of prizes, but you must be present to win!
  • Everything at the party is free. You will not need any money. We recommend that you do not bring cameras, cell phones or any valuables. You will be given thousands of dollars in “play money” to use for games or auctions.
  • No smoking or use of tobacco products is permitted. No alcohol or drugs may be consumed immediately prior to, or at, the party.
  • All Seniors attending the Senior Party, please remember that there will be security upon check-in. As you arrive, each of you will be provided a large bag where you will empty your pockets, place your wallet or purse, and hat. Anytime during the night that you need to get a personal item from your bag, or wish to put items into your bag, simply go to security (check-in area) and identify yourself to the parent there to assist you. Please do not bring sleeping bag or pillow.

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